I study fluid mechanics with complex thermodynamic behavior, such as supercritical fluids, pseudoboiling, phase transitions, high-pressure real fluid behavior, combustion, or hypersonics.

The modeling of these flows for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) fits in the intersection of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Computer Science.

Propulsion & energy

Applications are abundant in propulsion (rocket engines, car engines, gas turbines, scramjets), and energy (solar thermal, supercritical cycles, nuclear, waste heat recovery).

I am particularly interested in sustainable energy and space exploration.



I pursue a three-pronged approach, driven by real-world applications, built on physical fundamentals, and advanced by innovative modeling. My specialization is numerical modeling and analysis of compressible real fluids, including complex phenomena such as supercritical fluids, phase transitions, cavitation, or cryogenics. Other topics of interest are hypersonics, micro-propulsion, and numerical methods.

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Propulsion and energy

Rocket engines, gas turbines, supercritical CO2 cycles, combustion, injection [more]

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Real fluid fundamentals

Thermodynamics, phase transitions, pseudoboiling, supercritical fluids [more]

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Real fluid mixtures, ILES, deep learning, genetic algorithms, data analysis [more]

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Aerothermodynamics, flow control, drag reduction, sonic boom [more]